Family Christian Center Statement of Faith

The Trinity is one living and true God, eternally existing in three persons: the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit, equal in power and glory.

The Bible is the only inspired, infallible, and authoritative Word of God.

God The Father is an infinite, personal Spirit perfect in holiness, wisdom, power, and love, and that He concerns Himself mercifully in the affairs of men. We believe that He hears and answers prayer, and that He saves from sin and death all who come to Him through His Son, Jesus Christ.

Jesus Christ is God’s only begotten Son, conceived by the Holy Spirit. We believe in His virgin birth, in His sinless life, and in His miracles and teachings. We believe in His substitutionary atoning death, His bodily resurrection, and His ascension into heaven where He sits at the right hand of the Father. We believe in His personal, visible return to earth, and the establishment of His Kingdom.

The Holy Spirit convicts the world of sin, righteousness, and judgment, and regenerates, sanctifies, and empowers for ministry all who believe in Christ. We believe the Holy Spirit indwells every believer in Jesus Christ, and that He is an abiding Helper, Teacher, and Guide. We believe in the present ministry of the Holy Spirit, and in the exercise of all Biblical gifts of the Spirit.

All People are sinners by nature and choice, and therefore regeneration by the Holy Spirit is essential. We believe that repentance (turning away) from sin and acceptance of Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior is the only way to come into relationship with God. We believe that Jesus Christ baptizes the seeking believer with the Holy Spirit to empower the believer for service, and that this often occurs after salvation.

We believe in the Resurrection of all people, both the saved and the lost; they that are saved unto eternal life in heaven, and they that are lost unto eternal separation from God in hell.

We believe in the Ordinances of water baptism and the regular taking of communion. We do not believe that either of these practices are essential for salvation, but that they serve as a demonstration of our living faith in Christ.

Family Christian Center Core Values

We believe that every person, Christian and non-Christian alike, is valuable to God and to His Kingdom. Because people are eternally valuable to God, they are to us as well. Responsible evangelism will always be our cause and ongoing discipleship will always be the core of the ministry. (Mt.18:14; Mt. 25:24; II Peter 3:9)

We believe that “doing church as a team” is God’s design for effective ministry. A Spirit-empowered serving with the willing heart involvement of every person is vital to God’s plan being accomplished. (Eccl. 4:9-12; Ps. 133:1; Eph. 4:11-16; I Pet. 2:4-9)

We believe that a simple presentation of Jesus Christ in creative ways will impact and transform lives. Relating to our culture through redeeming the arts while remaining true to the Scriptures is a balance we will always keep. This allows us to present the Gospel in such a way that reaches the heart. (I Cor. 9:22, 23; Acts 17:22-34)

In keeping with the Great Commandment, we believe every member should commit to a lifestyle of consistent spiritual growth with honest accountability. A genuine love for God is always the first priority. Every Christian should yearn for continual spiritual growth. Therefore, discipleship through small groups, accountability, and open honesty is critical to maturing in our faith. (Mark 12:29-31; Acts 2:44-47; I Pet. 2:2; I Tim. 4:7, 8; Prov. 27:17)

We believe that every member is a minister who has been given gifts to be discovered, developed, and deployed. We are a gift-based, volunteer driven church. Each believer will find his greatest joy and fulfillment when serving in his spiritual gifts and passion. Every believer is created for ministry, gifted for ministry, authorized for ministry, and needed for ministry. (Mk 10:45; Eph 2:10; Rom 12: I Cor 12:14-20)

We believe that God is worthy of our very best. Therefore, a growing spirit of excellence should permeate every activity. Not perfection but excellence with consistent evaluation and a willingness to improve for the sake of the Kingdom of God are distinctive of growing ministries. (Ps. 78:72; Dan. 5:12; Col. 3:17; Eccl. 10:10)

We believe that genuine love and caring relationships are key to the life of every endeavor. Refusing to give audience to a spirit of complaining, we will instead be courageous in solving every problem in a way that honors God and builds biblical character. We value healthy relationships by protecting the unity of the Spirit in our church. (James 1:2, 3; I Pet 3:8, 9; I Cor 13:8; Rom 16:17; Eph 4:3)

We believe that the most effective evangelism happens through people inviting people. We believe that a life will reach a life. Each believer develops genuine relationships with friends and family and extends an invitation to them. Evangelism gets to be a normal, natural lifestyle of winning others to Christ, one by one. (Prov 11:30; John 1:43-45; John 4:28-30)

We believe in identifying and training emerging leaders who are fully committed to Christ and who will reach their generation with the Gospel. God is rising up men and women who will take the baton of godly character, authentic faith, and servant-hearted leadership into the next generation. (II Tim. 2:2; I Tim. 3:1; Titus 1:5-9; Ps. 78:6, 7)